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TravelKleen specializes in providing travel comfort for people that want to have a clean seat and/or clean headrest when traveling by plane, train, rental car or even sitting in a movie theater. Today's travelers want to feel fresh and clean when they travel for leisure, business or simply for fun. People do not want to feel dirty when traveling. TravelKleen's personal headrest protector also known as a headrest cover keeps hair clean and neat - no longer will a traveler pick-up someone else's hair oil, grime, body perspiration or other unpleasant things. TravelKleen's personal headrest cover is easy to use - simply attach to any seat, it's lightweight - it's easy to store in a pocket, carry-on, purse or brief case. TravelKleen's personal headrest cover with its multiple applications is reusable or disposable depending on one's need. One size fits all. It is adjustable for children. TravelKleen's personal headrest protector is great for local, domestic or international travel gifts, business gifts, holiday gifts, birthday gifts, even seasonal gifts and more. In addition, TravelKleen's personal headrest cover makes for excellent promotional items or giveaways for all types of businesses, companies, markets, industries, agencies, institutions, schools, universities, associations, professional or non-professional groups, clubs and organizations, unions, federations, leagues, confederations, councils, syndication's, outfits, military groups, firms and other organizational bodies. TravelKleen's personal headrest protector is an item usually found in grocery stores, retail stores, specialty stores, luggage stores, travel stores, airport stores, etc. TravelKleen's personal headrest protector is made up of a special, "poly" material that is hygienic and which allows the traveler to sit back and relax. Leisure travel and business travel news is "front page" when it comes to TravelKleen's personal headrest protector. Site Map