Dear TravelKleen:
Thanks a lot for inventing a great product. I have been so "grossed out" about putting my head on those yucky airplane seats - No more!
(S.H. - Oakland, CA.)

Dear TravelKleen:
Your new product works so well.
(J.K.L. - Columbus, OH)

Hi TravelKleen
Your headrest came just in time. My assigned seat was quite dirty. It appeared that the airline tried to clean the seat - Who knows? The plane was full -- so it was impossible to change seats. Although it smelled, at least my head wasn't laying against the seat.
(R.L. - Los Angeles, CA)

Dear TravelKleen
Can you come up with a product for the bathrooms?
(B.V.T. - Boston, MA)

Dear TravelKleen
I was flying from Alabama to Mississippi the other day. Whoever sat in the seat before me - needed a shower, big time - Thank goodness I had one of your TravelKleen products. By the time that I got home, the only part of my body that did not stink was my head.
(F.X.O. -- Huntsville, AL)

Hey TravelKleen…
Guess what? I could have sold your headrest at least ten times on my last flight? Do you need a salesperson? Please call me!
(A.C -- St. Louis, MO)

Dear TravelKleen
Thanks! (Y.J - Beverton, OR.)

Dear TravelKleen
My local travel store ran out of your headrests - Please send me more, real fast!

Thanks (T.G. - St. Paul, MN